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dreaming-shark asked: What do you think of Janice Lester? Turnabout Intruder was a really misogynistic episode, even by 1960s TV standards, but I think she's still an interesting character.



You know what, I actually disagree about Turnabout Intruder being really misogynistic. Yeah, she went about it in a pretty insane way and wasn’t painted in the prettiest light, and I think that’s where the interpretation of misogyny comes in, but it was an episode about how difficult it is for women to get ahead. It showed that women are unhappy being stuck in lower positions in life, and they are going to fucking do something about it.

I just think it’s amazing that an episode even addressed the glass ceiling. While it sucks that she had to literally become a man to get ahead, it is representative of the fact  that women are currently being forced to join “the boys’ club” to succeed instead of being able to be in power while still being feminine. Yeah, the line where someone (maybe Kirk) said “If only she had been happy in her place as a woman” or whatever was pretty shitty, but I think the way they framed it was that they were trying to say “Um, no, women should be allowed to do what they want and captain starships, and it makes them miserable and drives them insane with despair when they have to deal with being oppressed.” 

So, I liked Janice Lester. She showed that women will fight until they have equality. The ending could have been written much better, but I think the episode succeeded in pointing out the sexism in society, which a lot of shows refuse to do. 

Plus the acting was just spot-on, and I love that episode a whole lot. Shatner and Sandra Smith were just SO GOOD at imitating each other’s mannerisms and speech patterns. I was floored. 

Great question, by the way. I love talking about feminism and social justice in TOS.


"Now I’ll never be able to Captain a Starship!" *insert Janeway laughing triumphantly in the distance*

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this game was banned in my school because people would just play it over and over again in the library 

motherfuckin thank you

this would be really fucking cool if my arrow keys would fucking work. 


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so netflix’s april fools prank is an hour long movie of chicken being cooked called Rotisserie Chicken
what a time to be alive  

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